A Little History

The Lion Brewery off-licence was first leased by Len and Midge Wright in 1952. Previously it had served as the first Brewery in Farnham.  It was later bought out by Farnham United Brewery’s, where horses and carts were the Dray (delivery service), and hop fields covered the north-west side of Farnham.

Len and Midge Wright
Founding Grandparents, Len and Madge Wright

Once the brewery grew in stature, it was bought by Courages (now Heineken UK) and was used as a distribution point for their ales. They then decided to lease the front half of the building for an Off-Licence.

Madge and Len Wright took over the lease of the Off-Licence in 1953.  As time went by and Madge and Len’s son Dick grew out of his shorts,  Dick married Midge and bought the building and  took over the business in 1970.

Dick and Midge realised that there was a gap in the market for the wholesale of wines, beers and spirits to the Clubs and Pubs around the town so, so they decided to also expand the business into wholesale whilst keeping the off-licence going.

The shop transformed from a little shoebox room with a half moon counter (it still features in the shop today!) to its existing shop footage.  It is often likened to the Tardis, expanding into the back hop vats where we keep our fine wines.

64 years on, Dick and Midge are still at the helm, nervously laughing off any mentions of retirement!  Wrights is a true family business, with both twin daughters, Sally and Peggy, involved in the running of the shop, and  Sally’s partner, Stuart, is Dick’s right hand man.

Wrights today is a landmark in Farnham, with long standing ties and traditions.  We supply many local restaurants, clubs and pubs, as well as having a loyal client base – some going back as far as from 1953.

Wrights Shop Front
The Shop Front